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The Paul Hendrick’s Award

The project leader and committee requests nominations from the membership.

To volunteer to be on this committee contact the project leader.

Selection process

  • Committee evaluates exceptional volunteer contributions of members

  • Chooses annual recipient

  • Award recognition at the December social by project lead

  • Plaque presentation at the January monthly mg meeting by project lead

To volunteer to be on this committee contact the project leader.

History of Paul Hendricks Award

   The award is given annually to the person or persons demonstrating exceptional leadership, educational

outreach, and service to the mission of the Master Gardeners of St. Charles County. 

  It was first given and named for Paul Hendricks. 

Paul initiated several foundational changes including a vision to transform the entire Extension Center campus into a demonstration garden and an enhanced focus on community education.   

At that time a small garden existed around the flag pole and demonstration soybean fields were planted

in the location of the pantry garden and holding beds.  That was soon to change.  Paul rolled up his

sleeves leading the way to re-design our first garden the flag pole garden, teaching community classes,

and involving members in planning committees. He along with several other dedicated Master Gardeners who have since received the award, transformed our local club into a passionate and visionary group. 


That spirit continues today and is recognized by this award.

2006- Paul Hendricks

2007 - David Barylski

2008 - Michaela Kornblum

2009 - Carol Grote

2010 - Pat Lange

2013 - Mary Medina and Kevin Minard

2014 - Cindy Platzer and Evelyn Franks

2015 - Mary Carey and David Wilson

2016 - Marsha Brown

2017 - Patti Kolek 

2018 - Joe Walker

2019 - Donna Lindsay and Dell Moeller

2020 - Leslie Limberg

2021 - Rebekah Davis and Laura Steimel


Adopted February, 2010

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