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Advanced Master Gardener Criteria

A Master Gardener can apply for designation as Advanced Master Gardener when the following criteria has been met:

  • Minimum three years Master Gardener experience 

  • Twenty volunteer and six training hours requirement met in all years 

  • Thirty hours approved advanced training 

  • Fifteen hours Hort-Line support, speaking engagements or teaching classes 


When Master Gardeners complete the requirements, they may submit their name to the Advanced Training Committee for review. Any supporting documentation of hours can be placed in an envelope and brought to the extension center. A new Advanced Master Gardener name badge will be given to those who achieve the designation. 

After the initial Advanced Master Gardener designation is received, a Master Gardener must complete a minimum of 20 service hours and six education hours annually to keep the designation unless they have achieved Emeritus status at which time the designation becomes permanent.


Training for Advanced Master Gardener Designation must be pre-approved by the Advanced Training Committee.

Information to evaluate a class needs to be submitted to the Advanced Training Committee at least 30 days prior to the class, if possible. The committee will consider the following criteria when approving training:

  • Qualifications of the Instructor 

  • Course outline content 

  • Advanced training can be in-depth on a single topic or can be single classes across a breadth of topics 


The Advanced Training Committee consists of three Master Gardeners who have a minimum of three years Master Gardener experience and have met their volunteer and training requirements in all three years.

Section IV Item B, D.

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