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Public Education Classes

Gardening classes are provided for the general public by Master Gardeners through the University of Missouri St. Charles Extension Center. The classes are scheduled into two or more sessions each year and are offered for a small fee. They are generally held at the Extension Center. Individual classes typically last one to two hours but they can be of any reasonable duration and can be multi-session. Master Gardeners interested in teaching classes are encouraged to create courses for this program.


  • Plan class schedule session: number; start dates; duration

  • Prior to each session, solicit class proposals and instructors

  • Assemble session schedule from instructor submissions and send information to Extension Center for the brochure to be created; set prices per guidelines (higher prices may be requested by instructors if additional class materials are needed)

  • Email brochure file to instructors for final review before printing; return file to Extension Center with edits to be made and number of copies to print

  • Fold, stuff and mail brochure using bulk mail

  • Distribute brochures to organizations and businesses

  • Provide guidance and assistance to instructors, as needed, in setting up classes (PowerPoint, audio-visual equipment training or assistance)

  • Assist instructors at class time, as needed

  • Maintain and provide checklists and evaluation forms to instructors

  • Update MG website with class information

MU Extension Center

  • Create brochure and print required number for distribution

  • Press releases and notifications to newspapers, other publications

  • Email schedule to MG distribution list

  • Maintain distribution lists for email and bulk mail

  • Maintain class registration, collect fees

  • Notify registrants and send fee refunds if a class is cancelled for any reason



  • Schedule course dates and times; reserve Extension Center room and equipment

  • Provide class title, description, and schedule to project lead

  • Prepare class materials (PowerPoint presentations, video, slides, hands-on materials, handouts as required for your specific class)

  • If new class, send proposed class content and presentation materials to Scott Killpack for review

Prior to start of session, class facilitators for each class may be solicited -- instructors should coordinate with assigned facilitator as to how he/she may help, which may include room setup, attendance, passing out handouts, clean up, etc.



The fees have generally followed this guideline:

  • $10 for a one hour class

  • $15 for 1½ hour – 2 hours

  • $20 for 2 ½ hours – 3 hours

  • $25 for 3 ½ - 4 hours


Instructor Checklist



Public Education Instructor Checklist

For Using Extension Center Rooms

Please use this checklist to help make arrangements for your class go smoothly.

Prior to your class:

 Call Extension (636-970-3000) to reserve room and audio-visual equipment (if needed).

 Contact assigned class facilitator to discuss how he/she may help: setting-up/breaking-down the room, handouts, etc. If a facilitator is not assigned to your class and are you unable to move tables, call Scott three days prior to consider options.

 Check enrollment three days prior to class.

 If you need Extension staff to copy handouts, allow three days.

 If your room usage is after office hours, 1) pick up a key 1-2 days prior to your class or 2) make key arrangements with Scott three days prior.

 If you reserved audio-visual equipment and need help setting it up or training to operate it, make arrangements with Scott three days prior.

Day of your class:

 If you are using audio-visual equipment, call Extension staff the day of your class to request it be put in the room.

 Setup the room -- You may need to turn on heating/air conditioning or adjust thermostats up or down, as applicable.

 Your class roster, evaluation forms, door signs, extra class schedules and MG brochures will be in a pocket folder on a table in the room; the roster will designate whether or not payment is needed from a registrant. Check those who are in attendance.

 Ask participants to complete an evaluation before leaving your class.

 Leave the roster, evaluations and registration fees, if collected, in the pocket folder. Attendance and comments will be summarized from them.

 Breakdown the room; returning tables and chairs as you found them (unless you’ve made other arrangements with Scott.)

 Return thermostats to their standby state before locking the room -- follow instructions posted on wall by thermostats.

 Lock the room when you leave -- if you have a key, leave it with the roster and evaluations in the pocket folder.

After your class:

 If you did not leave registration fees in the pocket folder at the end of your class, return fees collected to the Extension Center at your earliest convenience.

 Give committee lead your feedback about what works and what needs improvement.



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