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Demonstration Gardens

Enabling Garden

The Enabling Garden was designed to be a garden for the handicapped and people with limiting physical capabilities.  It is situated on a concrete slab for wheelchair or walker accessibility and features planting beds at waist height, making it a perfect garden for those unable to bend over and plant on the ground.  However this type of garden would also be a perfect garden for the average homeowner.  Compact and neat, it could be tucked into most backyards.

Adequately sized beds allow rotating plantings for an assortment of fresh veggies.  Trellises extend the planting to accommodate vegetables such as beans, squash and cucumbers to be grown vertically.

Espaliered fruit trees, under-planted with strawberries provide seasonal fruits, while pots and containers strategically arranged around the perimeter provide additional places to plant favorites.

A large concrete pipe used as a pot in the center is laid out with partitions to form a parterre for herbs or other low growing plants.

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