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St Charles County Master Gardener Instructions for Garden Video’s

REV. MAR2021

How to make a video: 3-4 minute videos


A short video is a super condensed class. All the wonder and content of an hour long class

is packed into 3 minutes.

It starts with your attitude. Are you excited and filled with wonder? If so your audience will be eager to learn. You have a lot to pack into 3 minutes, 4 at the most, so pick your words carefully and capture your audience right away.

Here are things to include in your video.

If you can, remove your mask. Don’t leave it around your chin. Masks make it much harder to understand and “date” the video.

NOTE: We do have editing capabilities, if you have additional time in the video creation or need to reshoot the clip. It’s ok to reshoot!


Reminder : We are not authorized to mention product names, vendors/companies.

GREETING: Welcome to : Secrets of the Garden


Acknowledge your audience: Hello fellow gardeners.

Introduce yourself: Name ; I am a Master Gardener in St. Charles Co, Missouri

State your location (optional). I.e. Demo Garden Indication of MONTH or SEASON is acceptable.

PURPOSE /INQUIRY: Have you ever wondered ……. Today I want to show you…… Emphasize wonderment and intrigue. INVITATION: Join me…… Let’s go look at…… Come with me…..

CONTENT: State the most important first.

Limit yourself to 3 or 4 main points.

Describe sequences or processes step by step, from the beginning.

Make it applicable.

Prepare a simple outline for yourself so you don’t leave things out.

Explain technical terms/acronyms. Better yet don’t use them, speak as if your audience has no background.

Be enthusiastic, cheerful, enjoy what you are doing, share the wonder and inspiration.


CLOSING: Thanks for joining me….

Come back and we’ll explore another garden secret.

Closing focus on messaging - Secrets of the Garden



Wireless Lapel Microphone is available, please contact – Cindy Pretzer via email or via cell phone 636-978-7726


Video files can be transfer to Zack Blair for editing and processing.

Options to transfer:

     1. Upload the file to the following link:



         b. g


     2. Transfer using Text message (depends on size of files): 3147912736


     3. Email transfer (depends on size of the file):

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