Demonstration Garden


The Master Gardener greenhouse is a 24 x 48 North slope hoop house with Lexan end walls. The ten-year-old building was dismantled, transported in pieces and rebuilt by our MG's.  Site preparation took two years.

We use this facility to propagate and grow on all of our annuals, herbs, cool and warm season vegetables and some of our perennials for the annual plant sale. With 12 benches, three pH corrected water stations, circulation and exhaust fans, and thermostat-controlled heater, we have been able to grow over 4500 transplants to market size. We are currently using two germination tables for seed propagation and continue to increase our efficacy in monitoring plant growth, pest management and disease prevention.

We also use the facility for hands-on workshops and classes for the public and Master Gardeners


President Joe Walker

Vice - President   Laura Steimel

Treasurer Rebecca Poon

Secretary  Rebekah Davis    

Demonstration Garden Co-Leads

Marsha Brown - Cindy Platzer

Constant Contact (group e-mail)

Mary Carey  Web master