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Demonstration Gardens

Herb Garden

The  Herb Garden is one of the original gardens at St Charles Extension Center. 

At its conception, two circular beds held a formal arrangement of herbs which included some in above-ground pots.

Renovation of these beds began in 2016 and became six raised beds. An arbor became the center focal point of the beds in 2014.

Interest in growing and using herbs continues to grow in the U.S.

Herbs have many uses:  culinary (both as food and seasoning), medicinal, craft use (such as potpourri), scent, and tea, to name a few. Four of the beds follow these designations, to make it easier for visitors to view their particular plants of interest. The herbs in the remaining two beds have more varied purposes, and reorganization continues. There are plants throughout the beds which have been designated “Herb of the Year” by the International Herb Association, and are labeled as such. Our goal is to focus the function of each bed to interest newcomers and experienced herbalists alike, and to present them in the most attractive way possible.


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