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Logo Items and Clothing Ordering



Master Gardener, Joe Solt can embroider the Master Gardener logo on a clothing item of your choice.











Name _____________________________________ Phone # ____________

Email: ____________________________________

Baseball hat with logo:     Red, pink, black, navy or khaki                           $12.00

Your shirt with logo only                                                                                      $7.00

Your shirt with logo and NAME                                                                          $11.00

NAME (please print):  ______________________________________

Other item, contact Joe at  Put MG Logo on the subject line of email

Cash or check made out to “Joe Solt”              Total:  __________

Hat is included in price. All other garments are "By Customer" and price is for logo embroidery only.

Directions:  Please put this form and money in an envelope and pin to your garment.  Multiple items, seal in a bag with envelope.

Contact Joe to arrange dropoff/pickup

MG logo w line.jpg
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