Logo Items and Clothing Ordering



Master Gardener, Joe Solt can embroider the Master Gardener logo on a clothing item of your choice.











Name _____________________________________ Phone # ____________

Email: ____________________________________

Baseball hat with logo:     Red, pink, black, navy or khaki                           $12.00

Your shirt with logo only                                                                                      $7.00

Your shirt with logo and NAME                                                                          $11.00

NAME (please print):  ______________________________________

Other item, contact Joe at jysco@charter.net  Put MG Logo on the subject line of email

Cash or check made out to “Joe Solt”              Total:  __________

Hat is included in price. All other garments are "By Customer" and price is for logo embroidery only.

Directions:  Please put this form and money in an envelope and pin to your garment.  Multiple items, seal in a bag with envelope.

Contact Joe to arrange dropoff/pickup


President                                Joe Walker

Vice - President                     Laura Steimel

Treasurer                               Rebecca Poon

Secretary                                Rebekah Davis    

Demonstration Garden       Cindy Platzer

Education                               Jan Carron

Hortline                                  Patti Kolek

Membership                          Waneta Parmenter

Weekly Constant Contact    Mary Medina

Web master                           Mary Carey