The Master Gardener membership committee supports the Program Director by:

  • Reporting when Interns have completed their initial volunteer hours so that certificates and name badges can be completed for recognition at the general meetings

  • Periodically conducting inactive member surveys

  • Analyzing the Online Reporting Database to ensure reporting integrity

  • Providing recommendations for improving the Online Reporting Database

  • Providing an annual report of Active, Intern and Inactive Master Gardeners

  • Emailing annual notification to Master Gardeners who no longer meet Active criteria and become Conditionally Active or Inactive.

  • SECTION 1 – Trainee Volunteer Hour Requirement


  • As part of Level 1 training you will be asked to volunteer 30 hours

  • 20 hours in the demonstration gardens or greenhouse, which are on-site at the extension center; plus

  • 10 hours on other projects. Examples:  Hortline, Plant Sale, Dig-In, MG Meetings, volunteer hours on gardens in community or additional hours in the demonstration gardens at the extension center


  • III.Annual Requirements to maintain your status as an active Master Gardener

  • The annual commitment is:

  • 20 volunteer hours (minimum) - with a minimum of 5 hours in the demonstration gardens, greenhouse or Hortline; 



  • VII.Reporting Examples

  • Project: Master Gardener Meetings

  • CE Hours                          1.50 hours (1 Quiz + Guest Speaker)

  • Vol Hours                          3 hours   (meeting + set up /clean up + travel time)

  • Travel Time to Class              30 min

  • Travel Time back Home         30 min                             


Additional Master Gardeners are asked to volunteer. Meetings are conducted as needed to complete the above activities.


Master Gardener Trainess who have completed their initial 30 hours (20 of which must be in the Demonstration Garden) need to be certified as Active should send an email to the lead of the Membership committee indicating they have met the hours requirement so their certificate and name badge can be completed and they can recognized at the next general meeting. Please indicate how you would like you name to appear on your certificate and badge.


Adopted February 2010


President Kevin Minard

Vice - President   Jan Carron

Treasurer Joe Walker

Secretary  Rebekah Davis    

Demonstration Garden Co-Leads

Victoria Gally - Cindy Platzer

Constant Contact (group e-mail)

Mary Carey  Web master

Rebekah Davis