a.    Master Gardener Trainee

An individual accepted into the Master Gardener core course program who is currently attending classroom or online training sessions and is in the process of completing the first-year volunteer requirement of at least 30 hours.


b.  Certified Master Gardener

A Master Gardener who annually completes at least 20 hours of volunteer service in regionally approved programs and at least six additional hours of continuing education within that calendar year.


c.     Advanced Master Gardener

An Active Master Gardener who has completed an additional 30 hours of research-based training beyond basic core training


d.    Master Gardener Emeritus

An individual who has been an Active Master Gardener for a total of 10 years will be granted emeritus status upon request to the Master Gardener Leadership Team (Steering Committee).

Emeritus status must be requested:   Send an email to the membership coordinator and the Master Gardener Leadership Team (Steering Committee).

The membership coordinator will research the membership records and provide the information for the Steering Committee review and evaluation of the Emeritus request at the next Steering Committee meeting.

Master Gardeners Emeritus shall receive all benefits of membership and are encouraged to participate in Master Gardener programs. While there are no minimum service requirements, all volunteer hours should be reported using the reporting system.