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Trainee Requirement & Certification Information



The Master Gardener training program is provided through the University of Missouri Extension.  The mission of the Missouri Master Gardener Extension Program is “helping others learn to grow.” The Master Gardener program provides in-depth horticultural training to individuals throughout Missouri who then volunteer their time applying what they have learned to help others in their communities to learn about gardening and environmental education.


Trainee Volunteer Hour Requirements


As part of Level 1 training trainees will be asked to volunteer 30 hours

  1. 20 hours in the demonstration gardens or greenhouse, or horticultural support (Hort Line) which are on-site at the extension center; plus

  2. 10 hours on other projects. Examples: Plant Sale, Dig-In, MG Meetings, volunteer hours on gardens in community or additional hours in the demonstration gardens at the extension center


Volunteer hours may begin at the start of training

For Volunteer opportunities

  • Work Days:  Each Wednesday & Saturday morning, join us at the extension gardens and ask where to help

  • Other work days as needed; check with the extension garden lead

  • Other opportunities may be listed in the St Charles County MG e-newsletter


The 30 minimum volunteer hours must be completed one year from the completion of training (one year from last day of class)



It is important for trainees to track and report their volunteer hours as this demonstrates to the St Charles County Council, who provides funding to the St Charles Extension Center, of the value of the program.  Trainees should track their volunteer hours on a calendar until they receive information on how to report their hours in the Online Reporting system.  The hours should then be transferred into the

state Online Reporting Database.




Master Gardener Badge & Certificate


After successful completing Level 1 Training plus the minimum trainee volunteer hour requirement, you will be recognized as a certified Master Gardener with Master Gardener name badge and certificate.To receive your badge, you must notify membership:

  1. Send an email to the membership lead when requirements are completed

  2. In the email, (spelling of your name, first & last or nickname preferred as first name)


The membership lead will respond by email after confirming requirement hours are reported correctly; and will order your badge


The annual hour commitment for certified Master Gardeners begins the January of the year following receipt of the MG badge. See “” page.

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