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Steering Committee minutes

                                                                             Date:  April 8, 2016



  •      Call to order

Sharon Hedges called to order the regular meeting of the Master Gardeners Steering Committee at 9:10 AM on April 8, 2016.

  •  Attendance

Joe Walker, Al Winkeler, Sharon Hedges, Laura Steimel, Rich Hoormann

  • Secretary’s Report

[Secretary Name] read the minutes from the last meeting. It was moved by Joe Walker and seconded by Al Winkeler that the minutes be approved as read.  Vote was unanimous in favor.

  • Treasury Report 

Current bank balance  presented by Joe Walker.It was moved by Laura Steimel and seconded by Al Winkeler that Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Vote was unanimous in favor.

  • MU Extension Specialist- Rich Hoorman

  • Plans to make the Hortline better and try to cover at least 4 hours a day Monday to Friday.

  • There will a Level I  Master Gardening Class this fall. From September 6 to December 13 on Tuesday in Rm B.  Limited to 25 people.

  • Still working on getting YouTube for demonstrations going.

  • He has someone that can do brush mowing for the property. Wanting input on where it’s needed if at all.

  • Will be getting bids to complete gravel parking area. 

  • Extension Council working on erosion issue due to flooding.


  • Committee Reports

  • General Reports – Val Mertz. Speaker for June will be on Living Wall and Living Roof.

  • Hortline- Patti Kolek. Looking to man phone for 4 hours a day. Still need volunteers.  

  • Education- Mary Medina. We will only be doing two Lawn Chair Tuesday,  June 14 and September 15.  Plant sale April 30. Need to logo up the handout for planting. Will have 2 credit card lines. Hoop house going well with perennials for sale. Will have to change to shade cloth after plant sale.

  • Demonstrations Gardens- Mary Carey. Vertical parts of new beds still need to go up. Still need to fill with soil. Have  signs up for weeding.

  • Greenhouse- Evelyn Franks. Fans were too big for our green house. Now looking to see if correct size is available. Will present new plan with any additional cost when we have estimate.

  • We will also be needing to look at replace poly and some additional wiggle wire and channels for the  greenhouse because it is 3 years old. More to come.



  • New Business

No new business this meeting.


  • Adjournment  It was moved by Joe Walker to adjourn meeting and seconded by Laura Steimel. All approved

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