Horticulture Answer Line

The St Charles County Master Gardener HortLine is a 24/7 resource to get your home landscaping and gardening questions answered by Master Gardener volunteers.  We can also help with referrals on Master Gardener activities.  When the Extension is open Master Gardeners are present in the office from mid March through mid October.   During the off season months, or when the office is not open, help is available by calling and leaving a voicemail message at 636-875-7457 or email:  mgstcharles@gmail.com.   You can expect a reply in 24 hours for any request—the Master Gardeners are happy to help you.


President Joe Walker

Vice - President   Laura Steimel

Treasurer Rebecca Poon

Secretary  Rebekah Davis    

Demonstration Garden Co-Leads

Marsha Brown - Cindy Platzer

Constant Contact (group e-mail)...moday68@aol.com

Mary Carey  Web master