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Public Education Classes


Gardening classes are provided for the general public by Master Gardeners through the University of Missouri St. Charles Extension Center. The classes are scheduled each year and are offered for a small fee. They are generally held at the Extension Center. Individual classes typically last one to two hours but can be of any reasonable duration and may be multi-sessions. Master Gardeners interested in teaching classes are encouraged to create gardening classes.

Every Spring, a Master Gardener CORE training session is held.  Training topics have been set by the Extension and are usually taught by local experts on various topics.  For more information contact local extension office.

Previous Master Gardener led sessions have included:

Dig In - multi session symposium held in February

Backyard Bird Count - February

One and two hour gardening sessions held at the Extension and County Library settings

Short gardening hands on sessions held at public garden events, at the demonstration gardens, and parks.

Speakers at club events

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