Our Demonstration Garden

The vision of hands-on demonstrations for the general public spurred Master Gardeners to establish different types of gardens on site at the St. Charles County Extension Center. The gardens give residents a place to learn about plants that do well in St. Charles County, as well as to see gardening techniques and methods. Master Gardeners also use the gardens in many of the gardening classes they offer.  Demonstration Gardens Plot.

Annual Bed and Sign
Bird Seed
Bulb Garden
Cold Frames
Compost Area
Cottage Garden


Enabling Garden


Extension Entrance Sign Garden
Fairy Garden
Flutterby Garden
Foundation Plantings
Front of Building
First Capitol Garden in Historic Downtown St. Charles
Herb Garden
Hybrid Tea Rose Garden


Iris Bed


Lasagna Garden
Native Gardens




Pantry Garden
Perennial Garden


Plant Propagation Area
Turf Grass Demonstration Area


President Kevin Minard

Vice - President   Jan Carron

Treasurer Joe Walker

Secretary  Rebekah Davis    

Demonstration Garden Co-Leads

Victoria Gally - Cindy Platzer

Constant Contact (group e-mail)...moday68@aol.com

Mary Carey  Web master

Rebekah Davis