Continuing Education Guidelines



Current guidelines provide for a variable education requirement based upon volunteer hours with a minimum of 2 hours of continuing education per year, regardless of volunteer hours, to maintain active Master Gardener status.

                    Annual Variable Education Requirement  

    Annual Volunteer Hours       Annual Education Hours

              20                                     6

             21-30                                  5

             31-40                                  4

             41-50                                  3

              50+                                   2



Continuing education can be obtained in the following ways:

■ Attend an education session held during the monthly Master Gardener meeting.

■ Attend a horticultural class that is general in nature

■ Attend advanced training, which is considered continuing education although the time is advanced

■ Complete a meeting quiz and turn it in when you attend the meeting.

Travel to and from the class should be reported as volunteer time and not education.


Adopted December 12, 2011