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Master Gardeners Meeting


March 24, 2016




Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by President Sharon Hedges.

Secretary’s Report- Minutes were approved and available on line.

Treasurer’s Report- Joe Walker reported balance in our account for March 

Committee Reports

  • Meetings- Val Mertz advised she has speakers through May. Needs ideas for more, please let her know if you have something. Also needing honey bags for speakers.

  • Membership- Waneta Parmenter was absent. Sharon Hedges presented awards to people.

  • HortLine-Patti Kolek advised we still need volunteers for Hortline. Please contact her if interested.

  • Education- Mary Medina- Invited everyone for Saturday for Organic Gardening. 9am to 12pm.

  • We need topics for Lawn Chair Tuesday. Contact Mary Medina with any ideas. Plant sale April 30, 2016. Set up Friday, April 29, 2016.

  • Demonstration Gardens- Mary Carey- Not present. She said we will need volunteers to cut native prairie. More to come in Monday newsletter. Will be on April 2, 2016.

  • Greenhouse-Evelyn Franks- Going great with volunteers. Will let everyone know when evening watering will start via Monday Newsletter.

New Business

  • Patti Kolek shared that there is an event Missouri Pesticide Collection on June 4, 2016 in      Montgomery City. More in Monday’s newsletter.

  • Val Mertz reminded that the 2016 World Daffodil Convention will be held in St Louis in April. Tour tickets sold out. Still wanting volunteers for the show at hotel.  For more information go to their web site:


Adjournment- Sharon Hedges adjourned meeting.

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