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Steering Meeting Minutes


March 11, 2016




I. Call to order

Sharon Hedges called to order the regular meeting of the Master Gardeners Steering Committee at 9:05 AM on March 11, 2016.


II. Attendance

Mary Carey, Joe Walker, Al Winkeler, Sharon Hedges, Laura Steimel, Rich Hoorman


III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Laura Steimel read the minutes from the last meeting. It was moved by Mary Carey and seconded by Joe Walker that the minutes be approved as read.  Vote was unanimous in favor.

Treasury Report 

  • Current bank balance is $9345.84 presented by Joe Walker.  It was moved by Laura Steimel and seconded by Al Winkeler that Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Vote was unanimous in favor. Also presented was the budget 2016.


MU[L1]  Extension Specialist- Rich Hoorman

  • He will be working about 60 to 70% of his time in commercial crops.

  • He will looking to use are facility like greenhouse and gardens for teaching opportunities for the community.  Also would like to get equipment and start doing U-tube Videos on gardening, etc.

  • He is interested in making the hortline stronger and will be offering a 3 hours class on March 23, 2016. More information will be in Monday’s email.

  • Basically lots of great ideas and is looking forward to working with us.


Committee Reports

  • General Reports – Val Mertz. Nothing new this month.

  • Hortline- Patti Kolek. Training March 23, 2016. Volunteers needed. She also noted a Purple Martin House was donated and needed to be put up.

  • Education- Mary Medina. Grapevine class this Saturday, March 12. Also a class on Organic Gardening, March 26, 2016. You need to register with the extension office. Cost $20.00.

  • Demonstrations Gardens- Mary Carey. Will be working on replacing timbers in raised beds in pantry garden. First work day for this project Saturday, March 12.

  • Greenhouse- Evelyn Franks. She received and research bids for exhaust fans for green house. Air Climate sent bid stating they would Install and provide 2 fans for $3730.00. This included labors and parts. 2 year warranty on motor. Hummerts bid was $1100.00 for each fan plus shipping cost. We have to install. Could not locate on Amazon.

  • It was moved by Mary Carey and seconded by Laura Steimel that we approve the bid form Air Climate. Was approve unanimously.


New Business

  • Wentzville Liberty High school is wanting assistance from Master Gardeners to set up a raised bed garden to be used for education for their health classes. More to come on this.


  • It was moved by Mary Carey to adjourn meeting and seconded by Joe Walker. All approved.





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