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Master Gardeners Meeting

March 23, 2017




Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by Al Winkeler.

Secretary’s Report- Minutes from last meeting are available on line and copies available at meeting.  Mary Carey made a motion that we approve minutes as read, was seconded by Deanna Rhinesmith.  Vote was unanimous in favor

Treasurer’s Report- Joe Walker was absent. We currently have a balance of see treasurer for amount.

Committee Reports

  • Meetings- Val Mertz –not present. Nothing new to report.

  • Membership- Waneta Parmenter –not present. Nothing new to report.

  • Hortline- Patti Kolek –We will be having Hortline training on March 30, 2017. 10 am to 12 pm. All volunteers welcome. We will be starting St. Charles Farmers Market on June 3, 2017. Sign up will be closer to start date. Will be doing it the first Saturday of every month. Still working on Lake St. Louis Farmers Market.

  • Education- Mary Medina- Big Plant Sale, April 29, 2017. Set up for plant sale will be Friday, April 28, 2017 at noon. We would gladly take any natives or perennials from members for sale. Be sure to repot in round pot, use our soil, and label what it is.

  • Demonstration Gardens- Mary Carey. Thanks to all member who showed up for meeting. We will be scheduling a work day for cleaning and to install a stone path from greenhouse to daylily path. Watch Monday emails for more information.

  • Greenhouse- Evelyn Franks – Greenhouse currently has 1200 plants. Appreciate everyone’s help with greenhouse. New water barrel is only PH adjusted and used for night watering. Watch email for when help is needed.


New Business

  • Cool Season Plant Sale was a success. We made over see treasurer for amount.

  • Vice President Craig Morton advised first meeting in Park will be May 25, 2017 will be at Broemmelsiek Park. They are open to what we like to hear about. Any suggestions contact Craig.

Reminder other meeting in park July 27, 2017 at Heritage Park, and August 24, 2017 at Towne Park.

Old Business

  • Cindy Richardson is researching how we will be assisting Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts Badges.

  • We will need volunteers for O’Fallon Garden Expo on May 6, 2017. We will be allowed to sell left over plants.

  • We will be needing volunteers for St. Charles History Day on June 13, 2016.

  • Joe Walker is trying to get more information on AMVET’s Garden Plot and if they still would like assistance. He is also helping The Juveniles Community Garden as well. We donated the left over cool season plants to this garden.


  • Mary Carey motion we adjourn meeting, Laura Steimel seconded. Al Winkeler adjourned meeting

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