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10 August ,2018

Master Gardener Steering Committee Meeting

Attendees:   Craig Morton, Mary Medina, David Prince, Kevin Minard, Laura Steimel, Victoria Gally, Joe Walker

Call to order:  Craig Morton called the meeting to order.

Secretary’s report: Craig called attention to the published 12 July 2018 secretary’s report and asked for review and approval.   Joe Walker made a motion to approve the minutes.  Laura Steimel seconded the motion.   Minutes were approved.

Joe Walker:   Treasurer’s Report:   Details of allocation and accounting methods were shown.  Funds resulting from Dig-In will be moved into the totals with $500 set aside for next Dig-In.  Kevin Minard made a motion to approve the report, Laura Steimel seconded the motion.

Mary Medina:  Master Garden Training class will start March 2nd ,2019 and conclude on 29 May 2019.  The class room will be reserved for these dates.

Three education classes will be on 12 Sept at the St Charles Co. Community College.

Photo contest announced in newsletter has gotten a good response.

Any software sharing with the local St Charles Co Extension Office must be cleared with the University.

Craig Morton:   Received a request to participate with St Charles County Parks at the Veteran’s Memorial Park that has a kids co-op.   Kids are from 7 to 13 years old.  Request is to do some seeding, maybe provide some teachers for classes.

Emmaus House:    Craig Morton requested more information from the Emmaus House and has not received a reply.   Any action on this is on hold for now.

Open business:   Speakers:    Victoria Gally, no action now.

Laura Steimel:  Request was made for money for ice cream social for the August Master Gardeners Meeting.   Fifty dollars was approved for ice cream, cups and bowls, etc.

Victoria Gally:  Outlines only will be prepared for speakers.   No Power Point Presentations will be prepared.

Master Gardener Calendar:   No comments were provided.

Joe Walker:  By-Laws:   Reminder will be put in the weekly newsletter to provide comments.

Joe Walker:  Boys and Girls Club:  There were about 16 in the class.   Joe Walker and Laura Steimel received warm thank you for the help they provided.   The last class was on harvesting.  No bored students were noted.

Craig Morton:   Craig reported his granddaughter enjoyed the Youth Master Gardener program.  The program is offered through the St Louis County Parks in cooperation with MOBOT and the St Louis Master Gardeners who are affiliated with MOBOT.   It is/was a 6-week course, cost $60 and was at Queeny Park on Saturdays.  A lot of the subjects covered were similar to our training classes.

Joe Walker made the motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Victoria Gally.

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