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Master Gardeners Meeting

22 February 2018

Call to Order

Craig Morton called the Master Gardeners meeting to order.

Attendance:   52 Master Gardeners were present.

Secretary’s Report:

The Secretary’s Report from 25 January has been on line and copies were available on the table at the rear of the meeting room.

 Kevin Minard moved to dispense with reading the minutes; it was seconded by Joe Walker.   Yvonne Von Der Ahe moved to approve the minutes as written.  Motion was seconded by Laura Steimel.

Treasurer’s Report:   Joe Walker provided an overall view of the financial situation and projected expenses up until the plant sale.   The account now has a balance of (see treasurer for amount).   Net monthly change was (see treasurer for amount).

Val Mertz:  Discussed Master Gardener meeting speakers for this year.  The speaker at this meeting was Skip Kincaid,  (Master Arborist).   She asked for a vote on whether to invite Skip Kincad back for the March speaker.   It was unanimously voted to invite him back.

Mary Medina talked about the set up and plans for the  Dig-In coming up Saturday  the24th of February. 

Mary Carey:   reported that plans are moving forward to contract for improvements of Dardenne Creek.   It is planned to have this work done in Aug/Sept when there is normally less rain.

Plant amendment beds may have to be moved.  

Parking lot damage may be done by heavy trucks/equipment.

Craig Morton:   1,000 hour awards will be done with purchase of a brick engraved with the person’s name and hours and placed around flag pole or in the green house walkway.

The  By-Laws are in review to allow the 5 hours of volunteer time in the demonstration garden or green house to also include the hort line.

MOMGA  dues for each member are being paid by our local chapter.

May meeting of Master Gardeners will be at the Historical Daniel Boone County Park starting at 5 PM.

Garden Expo O’Fallon Founder’s Day – Need volunteers

WalMart – Garden Event and Garden Safety Day, April 7 – Need Volunteers

Val Mertz:   Purple Martin house talk will be held at 9:30 AM on Saturday March 3 for those interested.

Marsha Brown:  Monday Feb 26, at 9 AM till 2 PM there will be activity in the Green House transplanting cool season plants for the cool season plant sale.  Watering of plants will depend on sunshine/temperature in green house.

Marsha Brown will demonstrate how to prune fruit trees at the St Charles County Extension facilities on Monday Feb 26.  On Thursday March 1, she will again demonstrate pruning at Del Moeller’s home on cherry and apple trees.   She will start at 10 AM.

 A demonstration on how to water plants in the green house will be given on Sunday February 25 12:30 PM for anyone interested.

Good of the Order:  Thank you to this month’s facilitators.


Joe Walker made a motion to adjourn the meeting and  it was seconded by Kevin Minard.


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