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9 Nov  2018 Rev. A

St. Charles Master Gardener Steering Committee Meeting

Attendees:   Craig Morton, David Prince, Kevin Minard, Victoria Gally, Joe Walker

Vistor:  Carol Grote

Call to order:  Craig called the meeting to order at 9 AM.

Secretary’s report:      Craig called attention to the published 12 Oct 2018  secretary’s report and asked for review and approval.   Victoria made a motion to approve the minutes.  Craig seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer’s report:  Joe reported net monthly change from Oct was ($1,630.69).   Treasurer’s report was approved.

Craig said  Justin Keay the Urban East Horticulturalist Specialist starts 12 Nov.  Justin will have limited days at the St. Charles County Extension office as he is assigned to work St. Charles, and St. Louis Counties plus St. Louis City.

Carol Grote spoke about Justin’s interface with the office and future review of the level 1 training course with him.   Our training course includes two classes not required in the level 1 training courses  (Colors and Natives).   Discussions of how to move the order of classes and when to teach colors was discussed.   It will be discussed with Justin.

New Business:  Garden budgets for next year are due 1 Dec.   They are to be approved by 1 Jan.    Approval by email is planned.

Newsletter:  It will be published on an as needed basis during winter months.

Holliday party:   Discussions as to what meat dishes to be furnished and how to categorize what to bring for pot luck.  RSVP will be requested by 28 November, along with how many will be attending.  Cindy Platzer will do the Silent Auction.

Entertainment:  Craig will get bingo cards and five regular prizes and one blackout prize.  Table decorations:  will be done by:  Mary Carey, Mary Medina and Pat Morton.  Joe will make a Power Point presentation showing gardening photos.  Victoria will be setting up the music.  Joe will talk to Mark Krebs and work out what meat and fowl is to be smoked for the dinner.   Victoria will procure bottles of soda; coffee and tea will be available.

Joe  made a motion to adjourn meeting.   It was seconded and meeting was adjourned.

David Prince  9 Nov 2018

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