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St Charles County Master Gardener Meeting Minutes

22 August 2019

Call to Order: President Kevin Minard called the Master Gardener’s meeting to order at 6:30 pm at Klondike Park, Augusta, MO.

Attendance: 35


Speaker: Park Ranger Steve Tiemann with the St Charles County Parks and Recreation gave a walking tour and brief history of the park. The tour was from 6:30 PM until 7:15 PM. The tour was arranged by Craig and Pat Morton.


Secretary’s Report: The Secretary’s report for 25 July was approved.


Treasurer’s Report: The financial report for 25 July was provided. It showed the net monthly change from July . It showed the end of July cash in bank.


Committee Reports: Membership: Waneta Parmenter and Bonnie Winkeler: Kevin announced new membership badges for Pat Crossen, Kevin Lynch, Rebecca Poon, Carmon Skelly, Amanda Stokes, Will Klein, Craig Varone. Only 4 were present to receive their badges.


Horticulturalist: Justin Keay: Herbicide in compost will cause upward curling of leaves and will be covered in the newsletter on Monday. Cindy Platzer will do the green bean test to determine if the herbicide is in the compost. (Green beans plants are very good at showing the results.)


Marsha Brown and Leslie Limberg attended the Soil and Turf session at the University of MO on 30 July. Soil Health and Soils Demo workshop trailer will be at the County Extension Center from 9 AM till 3 or 4 PM on 8 Nov. More information will be in the newsletter.


Speaker’s Bureau: Valerie Mertz: September meeting speaker will be on roses by John Lewis who is a St Louis Co MG with 30 years of rose growing experience.


Education: Mary Medina: Seeks volunteers for the Education Committee. She wants to Iine-out a full year of community activities.

Dig-In will be on 29 February 2020. More information will be in Monday newsletter.


Demo Gardens: Victoria Gally and Cindy Platzer: Cindy Platzer: Demo garden leads need to have their plans for next year by 13 Sept. Plans are to be provided for approval at the leads meeting on 21 September.

Leslie Limberg is having plans for an Outdoor Education Pergola drawn up by Paul Hendricks and help with building will be needed. Help is needed for weeding and trimming.

Email Cindy Platrzer and she will help co-ordinate the work. Hortline: Patti Kolek has agreed to be our point-of-contact for requests for help from the public.

She will man the O’Fallon Park booth on 7 Sept. Patti also asked for photos to be sent to her for the Christmas Party slide show.


Greenhouse: The shell for sick plant storage will be built onto the greenhouse. Storage shed for pots will be added to outside of greenhouse.


Plant Sale: Marsha Brown, we will be digging up perennials this fall for the plant sale.


New Business: Cindy Platzer needs presenters to do classes at St Charles County Libraries.


Thank-you to Tom Conley for preparing this month’s quiz on “Home Lawn Watering”. See Guide-G6720.


Old Business: Social Media group is being formed. Joe Walker has started the initial organization. Tiffany Minx Laura Steimel and Waneta Parmenter will work on social media for the MG group.


Marsha Brown announced that pears are starting to ripen in the orchard.


Good of the Order: Thank you to this month’s facilitators, Craig and Pat Morton.


Reminder to record ½ hour of education if you did the quiz on lawn watering.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectively submitted, David Prince

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