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St Charles County Master Gardener

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

 Friday 9 August, 2019, Rev. A

Attendees:    Kevin Minard, David Wilson, Joe Walker, David Prince, Cindy Platzer, and Justin Keay,

Vistors:  Emily Barbee

Call to order:  Kevin called the meeting to order at 9:04 AM

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes  July 12, were approved with change as amended via email on 2 August to pay class fees ($40 each) for 3 attendees (hort line people) to attend the Turf and Ornamental Field Day at the University of MO.   Joe made a motion for approval of minutes as written with change.  Cindy seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved with change.

Treasurer’s report:  Joe reported net monthly changes for June ($277.01).  End of June 2019 cash in Bank for 2019 was identified.  Unallocated dollars were shown.

MU Horticultual Specialist:  Justin requested that the treasurer report be presented at the MG meetings.   The treasurer’s report is provided at MG meetings.

Cindy mentioned a Paw Paw class in Columbia on the 23rd.   Cindy, Marsha Brown and Justin plan to attend.

Justin mentioned buying a soil erosion demo kit called the Soil Simulator.   There is also a trailer that demonstrates soil erosion and science that may be in our area on 8 Nov.   More details are to be gathered.

Extension Council Report:  Emily reported on the Extension Council meeting on 8 August.

The meeting was consumed with the EC budget.   The archeological study of the creek is complete and no problems were identified.   The add-ons to the greenhouse have not been approved by the council.   Faye Aubuchon, a member of the council, will be asked for approval.

Committee Reports:

Membership:   Waneta Parmenter has badges and certificates that belong to new members that have not been to MG meetings to pick them up.   Joe made a motion to give her the discretion to send a letter to those and notify them to pick them up at the County Extension office.   Motion was passed.

Demo Gardens:  Cindy:   The social media group will be Laural Steimel, Tiffany Minx and Waneta Parmenter.   Joe has researched other MG social media web site guidance documents for MGs.   One was passed around.

Joe agreed to get together with the group and show them guidelines to get started.

We presently have a Facebook page, and the Monday newsletter for social media.

Garden leads

reported that Del Moeller wants to take out 4 pantry beds.  Leslie Limberg wants to build a pergola in the Prairie Garden to provide a window from which to view the creek.  A pergola would require Extension Council approval.

Garden leads will take Del to lunch next Wednesday.  It is called “Lunch from the Garden”.

The question came up about allowing family/friends to come help in the Demo Gardnens.   They would not be covered by liability insurance if injured.

Greenhouse:   Cindy reported that the remainder of the donations from the highway patrol was sent to recycling. 

Plant Sale:   See Greenhouse above.

Speakers:  Sept MG meeting speaker will be on roses by a garden grower of roses.  In Sept nominations for the Paul Hendricks award on service, leadership and education will be solicited.

Hortline:   A previous request for someone to respond for calls asking for help went unanswered.   Patti said she will do it.

Justin requested that the hortline talk about questions at the MG meetings.   Patti Kolek has been doing this.

Education:  Mary Medina:  An invitation from STLMG tour of the Winery and Tree Farm and an invitation from St Louis MG Makers Market flyers were passed out.

Old Business:   Joe announced that 8 August was the last class for the Boys and Girls Club of O’Fallon.  He gave us a brief description of how it is run and how the children learned about plants and food being grown.  About 30 kids attended each week, not always the same ones.

The Boys and Girls Club of O’Fallon would like advice on planning and doing a community garden.   A motion was made and approved to pursue the idea.

Adjournment:  Joe made a motion to adjourn at 11:00 AM.   Motion was approved.


David Prince

9 August 2019

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