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St Charles County Master Gardener Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday 11 Oct, 2019

Attendees: Kevin Minard, Joe Walker, David Prince, Cindy Platzer, Patti Kolek, Victoria Gally, Leslie Limberg, Alex Reichert, Justin Keay


Call to order: Kevin called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM

Alex Reichert was introduced as the new County Engagement Specialist.


Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for 13 Sept were approved as written.


Treasurer’s report: Joe reported net monthly changes for September. End of Sept 2019 cash in Bank for 2019 was identified. Remaining Demo Garden allocation was shown. Unallocated dollars were shown. Cindy requested that an emergency fund be set aside for unexpected events, such as flooding, theft etc. Joe said it can be discussed at the budget review and approval for next year.


MU Horticultural Specialist: Justin reported soil classes on 8 Nov as a part of the USDA education program. Classes are from 10 AM till 4 PM. Early signup is recommended. Method of aerating compost will be demonstrated. Due to conflict with Steering Committee meeting it was agreed to reschedule SC meeting on 11 Nov.

Justin requested a list of the planned classes for the year so that it can be handed out at the dig-in classes and other events. Classes that are charged for will now pay a 10 $ fee plus a 3% credit card processing fee.


Committee Reports:

Membership: Waneta Parmenter, Bonnie Winkeler – no report.


Demo Gardens: Cindy Platzer, Victoria Gally: Questions about demo gardens complying with American’s with Disabilities Act on paths and greenhouse and other structures was discussed with no knowledge available. Where to put brush was discussed. Small brush piles may be used in native garden for wildlife habitat. Large brush may go west of building in area below beehives.

New projects were discussed: prairie area, outdoor classroom, redoing iris bed, green path in back and new floor in pergola. Question of what does structure of a garden mean, was discussed. Joe advised that if any individual garden was enlarged or changed such as removing a raised bed, making a garden cover more area, it is a structure change.

Relaying out the irises in existing iris garden is not a structure change. Replacing the dirt/rock floor with concrete in pergola should not need Extension Council approval. Pattie said she would ask the EC to verify it.

Demo Gardens presently have a surplus of.

Classroom plans for the native prairie area was again discussed. Plans now being looked at for a 13ft by 20 ft raised 18 inches off the ground vs 10 ft by 20 ft. Classroom usage was discussed. It would be used by school groups, St Charles County library classes and demo garden classes. Suggestions for using one of our tents was rejected. Clearing the ground for places to stand does not stop insect problems or provide shade. Leslie is a Master Naturalist and Master Gardener and has no place to teach in the existing prairie garden.


Alex reminded us of the movie “Field of Dreams” build it and they will come does not work. Plans are on hold for now. Re-doing the iris bed may be done with the training class of 2020 with the lead, Rebecca Davis. Garden Leads will meet at 9:30 on Nov 16, 2020 budgets are the main topic.

Winter Book Club: Discussion on how to set up a gardening book exchange and where to store the books: have a table at the MG meetings where books could be set out with a sign saying drop off a book, pick up a book with no tracking was a possibility. Books cannot be stored in the garden shed. No storage area was identified.

Garden Map is out of date and needs to be updated. Kevin has a computer program with the EC site and it has various overlays that show power lines, water lines and gardens.

Greenhouse: Amanda Templer, Marsha Brown: No report.


Plant Sale: Marsha Brown, Laura Steimel: Plans are to report at Meet and Greet at the next SC meeting.


Speakers: Val Mertz: Received two nominations for the Paul Hendricks award. Soup dinner is planned for the Oct MG meeting.


Hortline: Patti Kolek: Hort line will be manned through the 3rd week of Oct. A lunchen will be held for hort line volunteers on 17 Oct.


Education: Mary Medinia will step down after the Dig In of 2020.


Justin requested more information for accounting reporting. He would like to know where volunteers are from, what they do, how many volunteers on the project, who is lead, etc. See Master Gardener Chapter Volunteer Activity work sheet to be filled out.


New Business:

David Prince identified possibilities for updating the Pergola floor.

Three choices were presented:

1. Utilize wood from Libby’s deck and deck boards.

2. Pour a concrete floor.

3. Leave it as is.

Suggestions were to get outside bid to do the concrete floor and ask for a budget to do it. Wood floor was not recommended.


Old Business: Faye Aubuchon recommends that a Master Gardener be appointed to the Extension Council as a Community Partner.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:25 AM.

Respectfully, David Prince

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