St Charles County Master Gardener Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, 14 August 2020


Attendees: Kevin Minard, Jan Carron, Rebekah Davis, Joe Walker, Cindy Platzer, Alex Reichert, Justin Keay


Call to Order: Kevin Minard called the meeting to order at 9:04 AM


Secretary’s Report: Rebekah Davis- Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for 31 July were approved as written.


Treasurer’s Report: Joe Walker- Joe reported the net monthly change for July  End of July 2020 cash in bank was identified, amount available to allocate for MG expenses were shown. Cash in bank number includes the pledge for the erosion project. Unallocated dollars are N/A. Remaining Demo Garden allocation are N/A. Total revenue and expense booked in 2020 so far was shown. Joe reported current cash in bank will not cover expected typical expenses for 2021 and this is normal.


St. Charles Extension 501c(3) status and guidelines for collecting sales taxes were discussed.


MU Horticulturalist Specialist: Justin Keay- Justin created a Master Gardener Education Hours policy statement to cover the use of approved reading materials to count towards Continuing Education hours.


MU County Engagement Specialist: Alex Reichert- Alex reported that the Dardenne Creek Project bids have been received by City of St. Peters. Work is predicted to start late September or early October and is to be completed in 60-days. The project will restrict MG use of the property during that time.


The Steering Committee approved the motion to transfer our $5,000 donation allocation to the Extension for the Creek Project.


The Steering Committee discussed how various group activities (projects) were being done on the property without Extension’s knowledge. The Extension Council must be informed of all activities occurring on extension property (this can be done by notifying Alex) to ensure everyone health and safety. Alex wanted to stress that this wasn’t to limit MG projects but to ensure the Council was aware of what was occuring on property from a safety and liability standpoint. Alex and Justin will work on written guidelines for projects and structures that would require Council approval.


The Steering Committee also discussed presenting an annual plan of goals and projects to the Extension Council. The Extension Council is looking to include other Extension programs more on property.


Alex explained the Council is considering making signage for the different groups (Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, 4-H club, or others) that notes they maintain an area on the property- noting their name, activity details, etc. so that the public sees this.


The Steering Committee discussed partnering with the Master Naturalists in maintaining the Native Garden beds.


Committee Reports

Membership: Waneta Parmenter, Bonnie Winkeler- Trainees and an Emeritus will be awarded badges and certificates at the August monthly meeting.


Demo Gardens: Cindy Platzer- Cindy reports there are no Saturday and Wednesday work sessions, Leads are continuing with the spread out schedule.


Greenhouse: Laura Stiemel, Nancy Torke- No report


Plant Sale: Marsha Brown, Laura Stiemel- 2021 plant sale pre-order with Hummerts started.


Speakers: Val Mertz- 27 August monthly meeting is at Indian Camp Creek Park.


September’s monthly meeting will likely be on Zoom.


Hort Line: Patti Kolek- Hort Line is still working on a Call-In basis.


Education: Maureen Wamsley, Ann Schappe, Waneta Parmenter, Val Mertz- There are currently two classes scheduled 21 & 26 August with the library. The Education Committee is looking into addressing MG social media needs.


Dig-In 2021 virtual- “Grow it, Eat it” No report


Mary Medina reports- The 19 September Monarchs at the Meadows event was discussed.


New Business:

Joe Walker suggested the Master Gardeners should look into getting Demo Gardens certified with the St Louis Audubon Society’s “Bringing Nature Home” Program.


Old Business:

Jan Carron will create a congratulatory press release for the Trainees, Cindy will bring the hats which were provided by Del Moeller at the monthly meeting.


The Extension Council did not have a meeting this month.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:04 AM


Respectfully submitted, Rebekah Davis Comments Alex- 27-Aug-2020 AS APPROVED 14-Sep-2020