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St Charles County Master Gardener Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, 14 September 2020


Attendees: Kevin Minard, Jan Carron, Rebekah Davis, Joe Walker, Cindy Platzer, Nancy Torke


Call to Order: Kevin Minard called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM


Secretary’s Report: Rebekah Davis- Steering Committee Meeting Minutes for 14 August were approved as written.


Treasurer’s Report: Joe Walker- Joe reported the net monthly change for August . Monthly change includes the $5,000 pledge for the Creek Erosion Project. End of August 2020 cash in bank was identified. Joe reported that compared to last year our balance is close to what we might have expected if we had a normal year of revenue and expenses, including the erosion donation. Unallocated dollars are N/A. Remaining Demo Garden allocation are N/A.


MU Horticulturalist Specialist: Justin Keay- No report, Justin will be working with Alex Reichert to establish guidelines on structures that would require Extension Council approval. Jan Carron will contact Justin to ask about their progress.


MU County Engagement Specialist: Alex Reichert- No report.


Committee Reports


Membership: Waneta Parmenter, Bonnie Winkeler- (6) 2019 MG Interns have been set as Inactive. Since the Interns had until June 2020 to complete there hours: Jan Carron will check with Justin to make sure there wasn’t an extension on the time due to COVID-19. Badges and certificates to be awarded at the next monthly meeting for Emeritus- Bob Lee, Three new Mgs and one transfered MG.

There will be two positions open on the Steering Committee, volunteers are being accepted for the Nomitation Committee now.


Cindy Platzer reported that Tom Nagle’s commemorative hawthorn tree has been approved for removal by the Demo Leads as it poses a safety risk. Cindy will communicate with Tom to see if he would like another tree on property, or if he would rather get an engraved brick.


Demo Gardens: Cindy Platzer- Cindy is going to remain Overall Demo Lead and is searching for a Co-Lead. There are also several Demo Gardens that will need new Leads next year. Cindy reported that the Master Naturalists are interested in helping in the demo gardens but do not wish to lead anything. Demo Leads have been informed that they need to create an annual plan and budgets by December. Cindy announced that Marsha Brown is forming a new Safety and Design Committee for the Demo Gardens. Marsha will be releasing a description and committee goals soon.


Greenhouse: Laura Stiemel, Nancy Torke- Nancy reported that the Greenhouse will be cleaned in October and scheduled to open for next season in January. Joe Walker reminded the group that there is a Capital Asset account set aside for the Greenhouse to use and a pending repair that needs to be completed before opening next year. Laura requested the Steering Committee review whether a Blink or motion-sensing lights should be purchased for the Greenhouse. The group agreed that they could be a 2021 budgeted item for the Greenhouse.


Plant Sale: Marsha Brown, Laura Stiemel- No report


Speakers: Val Mertz- The Steering Committee discussed possible locations and agreed to see about having the 24 September monthly meeting outside the Extension Center. Wild Ones Rebekah Davis agreed to be a guest speaker and Kevin Minard will invite the Master Naturalists to be a coguest speaker.


Hort Line: Patti Kolek- Hort Line is still working on a Call-In basis.


Education: Maureen Wamsley, Ann Schappe, Waneta Parmenter, Val Mertz- No report


Mary Medina reports that Monarchs at the Meadows event is scheduled 19 September.


New Business: Kevin Minard reported on MOMGA update. Current Trainee certificates haven’t been mailed yet. Kevin will verify with Jan Brown that past MG certificates have been mailed.


Alexandra McKenney, our new Communications Assistant at Extension, is starting a “Featured Master Gardener” to put on our social media pages.


Old Business: Joe Walker gave an update on certifying the Demo Gardens with the Audubon Society, on-site consultation is scheduled 9 October.


Kevin Minard didn’t hear back from Justin on the Delta Center Project in St Louis County and is assuming they don’t need any more volunteers.


Good of the Order: The next Steering Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, 12 October at Brown Rd Park.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:32 AM Respectfully submitted, Rebekah Davis AS APPROVED 12 October 2020

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