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Master Gardeners of Saint Charles County

General Meeting Minutes

April 24, 2014


Aaron Fields from Hummerts International spoke in greenhouse operations. 47 People were in attendance


Meeting was called to order at 7:50 p.m. by President Dave Barylski.


The extension center will be open on Fridays starting May 9.


We are in need of meeting hosts for August, September and October.


Joe Walker - treasurer: Balance as of March 1 (Contact the treasurer for this amount)  Balance as of April 22 (Contact the treasurer for this amount).


Survey Monkey - Joe Walker

The current survey will be closed at the end of April. A new survey will be sent asking abut what speakers are wanted for the potpourri meeting in October.


Spring Plant Sale -Mary Medina and Greenhouse – Evelyn Franks

Mary gave us an outline of what has taken place throughout the last year in order to have a great plant sale.

November – Growers met to discuss what seeds need to be ordered and who will grow them.

December – Seeds are started.

January – Watering, feeding, transplanting.

February - Watering, feeding, transplanting.

March – Watering, feeding, transplanting and started moving some plants to the greenhouse.

April - Watering, feeding, transplanting and started moving more plants to the greenhouse. We spent some time each day looking for bugs.


As of April 24 Evelyn announced that we had approximately 4176 plants in the greenhouse plus perennials and natives outside.


Set up for the plant sale will start at 12:00 on Friday, April 23. Master Gardeners will be able to buy plants from 4 – 7 p.m. Plant sale workers are asked to park their cars at the Brown Road Park. Joe Medina will shuttle workers to and from the extension.


Demo Gardens – Kevin Menard

  • The mowers are working. A mowing list will be sent around the meeting and be included in the weekly Constant Content e-mail. MGs are encouraged to sign up and not just mow when they are available so that the person who is scheduled not make an unnecessary trip to the extension.


  • Kevin pointed out the new path around the back of the greenhouse.

  • Metal trays from the old greenhouse and vinyl fencing are laying behind and next to the amendment bins and are there for MGs to take home.

  • The question was asked if we are monitored the erosion of the creek around the property. The consensus was that we should do some monitoring and possibly plant in the area.

  • Pictures of the extension center should be brought to the next meeting on a flash drive so that Kevin can copy them to the extension’s server.


We are in need of a speaker for the July meeting. Ideas should be sent to Val Mertz.


Dave Barylski explained that hours spent on plants for the plant sale should be logged under Community, School, Church – Landscape/Gardens/Beautification.Hours worked Friday for the plant sale set up and Saturday at the plant sale should be logged in under Fund Raising activates.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Submitted by Mary Carey



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