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 St Charles County   Master Gardeners

April 23, 2015 Meeting Minutes


  Ross Braun, Master Naturalist began the meeting with a presentation on Soil Composition.

Business Meeting followed.

  • Awards – Waneta Parmenter

  • Meeting Minutes are published in the  Monday morning e-mail and on  the St. Charles County Master Gardeners’ website.

  • Treasurer’s Report – bank balance is currently $5,826.27. The greenhouse will require a propane shipment.  The Steering Committee has decided to set up an expense account for  capital expenditures of $1500 per year to start.

  • Hortline – Patti Kolek gave an overview of the Hort line at the St. Charles County Extension Center, which is staffed by volunteers, answering questions from our clients in St. Charles County.  Patti shared information about the hort line regarding resources, inquiries, and best practices.   Resources used include the Internet, books, other Master Gardeners.   Inquiries regarding agriculture, commercial enterprises or design questions are not covered.  Hort Line is staffed during business hours at the Extension Center (8-4:30 pm, Monday through Friday).  Volunteers are welcome and will be trained by Patti Kolek.

  • Extension Leadership – Mary Carey:  Since Scott Killpack has retired, two people from the Extension Service have been named to fill in on an interim basis until a permanent replacement is appointed: 

    • John Nickler, 4-H Youth Specialist and CO-CPD

    • Linda Rellergert, Extension and Nutrition Specialist and CO-CPD  

  • Lawn Chair Classes – May, June,  September – Mary Medina  outlined overview of class format.  They will include timely demonstrations, garden tours, etc.  Times will be 6 pm to dusk.

  • Demo Garden Needs – no updates from demo garden leads.  Mary Medina, Overall Demo Garden Lead, thanked the Master Gardeners for their help in readying the gardens for public observation this weekend (plant sale). 

  • Master Gardener Classes Survey

  • Plant Sale/Greenhouse – Mary Medina/Evelyn Franks:  Friday (4/24/15) from  10 am-7 pm setup for plant sale.  Pricing was outlined. Volunteers to arrive by 7:30 am on Saturday.   

  • Open Discussion

 Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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