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St Charles Master Gardeners

July 2014 Leads Meeting


7/10/2014 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 6:03 by Head Garden Lead, Kevin Minard. In attendance were: Del Moellner, Sandy Meyer, Mary Carey, Mary Medina, Pam Yankey, Cathy Linders, Vicki Barnard, Cindy Platzer, Donna Lindsey, Steve Seibert and Paul Hendricks.


Minutes of 21 August 2013 were reviewed. Mary C moved and Pam seconded that minutes be approved as written. Vote was affirmative.


Minutes of 12 June, 2014 leads meeting were reviewed and revised with changes to turf grass area to read "Del Moelner will work with Scott to plan out this part of the garden. Mary C and Cindy P will assist as needed." Mary C moved and Cindy seconded that minutes be approved with these changes. Vote was affirmative.


Old Business


Annual Beds - Yvonne Von Der Ahe has stated an interest in leading the Annual Beds for 2015. To date she and Pam have not met.


State tour and clean-up projects - discussed later in individual gardens.


Budgets - Kevin provided garden leads with an overall garden budget summary and explained it's purpose. Garden leads would like just a monthly summary (sent as a PDF) sent to them.


Individual garden signs -  Mary C presented wooden oval signs to be placed in specific gardens. Cost per sign will be $20 and charged to gardens involved. Lettering was reviewed and revised as needed. Garden leads will need to decide where the signs will be placed and a work session will be organized to set these in place.


Individual Gardens - Each garden was reviewed for jobs needed before or after Sept. 13 tour. This is a summary by timeline:


Before Sept. 13


  • Roundup paths in Daylily, Flutter-by, Cottage garden,Native areas, and Pergola. Additional woodchips may be needed.

  • Pot area behind building needs weed killing, organizing and straightening

  • Stone wall supporting the path needs to be fixed in the Cottage Garden. (Donna L will transport more stones on Saturday.)

  • Raised beds will be finished.

  • Vines around trees will be identified and removed.

  • Pantry Garden bed will be reconstructed.

  • Water Station near pergola will be completed with some typeof a drainage flooring and hose reel.

  • Chicken wire will placed around bottom level of orchard fence.

  • Water station near annuals will be rerouted.

  • Kevin will investigate alternatives to hose reel at spigot behind C building.



After Sept. 13

  • Daylily and Flutter-by walk needs landscaping timbers removed and plan for edging developed.

  • Flooring in pergola needs assistance.

  • Steve and Mary M will compose a sale list for MG's featuring the crepe myrtles, natve bushes and trees in propagation beds. Digging after orders are recieved.

  • Fruit tree in orchard will be replaced later in the year.



Meeting adjourned 7:25


Respectfully submitted

Mary Medina

Assistant Garden Lead


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