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St Charles County Master Gardener


Steering Committee Meeting Minutes


Friday, 5 June 2020


Attendees:   Kevin Minard, Jan Carron, Rebekah Davis, Justin Keay, Cindy Platzer, Mary Medina


Call to Order:  Justin Keay called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM


The Steering Committee met via Zoom due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.


Zoom Account:  The group discussed opening a Zoom account exclusively for St Charles Master Gardeners to use for meetings and webinars.  It was agreed upon to discuss the topic further at the next Steering Committee meeting.



Demo Gardens:  Justin Keay reported to the group on the St Charles Extension’s new COVID-19 policy and procedures going into effect.  A full list of the changes will be posted in the Monday newsletter.  One of the most pertinent changes will be allowing ten people to work in the Demo Gardens at a time.  Leads will still need to continue to coordinate work sessions with Cindy Platzer.



Membership:  A discussion was had on the hourly requirements.  Possible opportunities for earning hours like partnering trainees with Leads or projects like creating garden signage were suggested.  Hosting a Zoom meeting on logging volunteer hours was mentioned.


Cindy Platzer suggested hosting a graduation ceremony for the Trainees in July or August with just the Trainees, SC, and Demo Leads attending.



Education:  Justin Keay updated the Steering Committee on the progress of the Education Committee.  He also reported recently hosting a Zoom training session with around 14 MGs in attendance.


Mary Medina suggested forming a sort of Technology Support Committee who are computer savvy, the group agreed to discuss this more at a later date.



Good of the Order:  The next Steering Committee meeting will take place in person outside somewhere.  Kevin Minard will give a MOMGA (Missouri Master Gardeners Association) update report next SC meeting.  There will be a MOMGA meeting 10 July in which a decision will be made regarding if the State Master Gardener Conference will occur this year.



Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM


Respectfully submitted,

                                   Rebekah Davis


AS APPROVED   12-June-2020

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