a) Hours should be reported often, at least monthly
b) Enter a Description
c) Enter ALL hours for the year by December 31st
 Never enter hours with a prior year date. Hours entered with a prior year date will not be   counted for state reporting and awards.
 Reason: Reporting for the state and accumulation of hours toward all MG awards are pulled for   these purposes on January 1st each year.
 If you have forgotten to enter prior year hours, enter with a current year date and add a detailed description.

d) Projects never to use unless specifically advised: Garden ‘n Grow

e) Travel Time – Report actual travel time in Volunteer hours (Vol Hours). The actual travel time for attending meetings, volunteering in the Demonstrations gardens, training and other activities may be reported as Volunteer Hours.

f) Reporting Training Hours Training options are Continuing Education and Advanced Training. Training opportunities are available at the extension center and other venues.

 Continuing education

Enter in form field “CE Hours”.

Examples of Continuing Education hours available at the extension:

  1. Guest speaker presentation at monthly meetings (generally 1 hour)

  2. Dig In classes

  3. Lawn Chair Tuesdays

  4. Quiz for Monthly meetings – see Monday MG news weekly emails for link

See our website for details on Continuing Education Hours requirement


Advanced Training

Advanced training requires preapproval, see Advanced Training Criteria, and is reported with Continuing Education as the project name.

Enter in form field “Adv Trng Hours”.

  1. Use only for Advanced Training officially sanctioned by the county-level program or state.

  2. Advanced training opportunities are denoted by (AT)

See our website for details on Advanced training criteria on the extension.missouri.edu web site http://extension.missouri.edu/stcharles/advancedtrainingcriteria.aspx

Reference the training link available on the Monday MG news weekly emails, Botanical Gardens, etc.


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