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Navigating the Online Reporting System





     Create YOUR Account in the state Online Reporting Database. Use the following website to access the Missouri Master    Gardener on-line Service Reporting System to report your volunteer hours URL:


        1.  Select  Create an MG Account   (top of the page) 

             The Create Account form will display   

        2.  Complete all required fields – a red asterisk denotes as required.

             In the Section “About You”– enter data as follows:

  • First Name & Last Name

  • MG Group – Select: St Charles County Master Gardeners

  • County

  • Select the current year for both Year Joined Group and First Year field

  • Review and select the News & Opt In radio buttons, or leave as default values

  • Enter your Contact Information

  • Enter your User Credentials

    1. Email

    2. Username

    3. Password

        Select Create Account




 Select “Log In” (top of page),

1.  Enter your Username

2.  Enter your Password



From the MG MENU, select… “Report My Hours”

A new page will be displayed with a form to report volunteer hours

Enter data in the following fields as appropriate.

Complete all required fields

     * a red asterisk on the entry form denotes as required




See the Reference Guide to identify the correct Project to report against with examples to assist in reporting


*  PROJECT – Select the appropriate project



After selecting Project, wait for a short moment for this field to populate based on Project selection. Click drop down to determine if a Local Category is available


*  DESCRIPTION – enter a description for the activity


*  DATE – enter a date or use the calendar tool to select a date


*  VOL HOURS – Use the field to report volunteer hours and travel time


*  CE HOURS – Use this field to report Continuing Education hours


*  ADV TRNG HOURS – Use this field to report Advanced Training Hours

    The use of this field is for only for designated Advanced Training


CLICK Insert Record
Your record will be saved, click OK



  1. Hours should be reported often, at least monthly

  2. Enter a Description

  3. Enter ALL hours for the year by December 31st

  4. Never enter hours with a prior year date. Hours entered with a prior year date will not be counted for state reporting and awards.

Reason: Reporting for the state and accumulation of hours toward all MG awards are pulled for these purposes on January 1st each year.   If you have forgotten to enter prior year hours, enter those hours using a current year date and add a detailed description.


        5.  Projects never to use unless specifically advised:   Garden 'n Grow

        6.  Travel Time – Report actual travel time in Volunteer hours (Vol Hours). The actual travel time for attending meeting

             volunteering in the Demonstrations gardens, training and other activities may be reported as Volunteer Hours.

        7. Reporting Training Hours Training options are Continuing Education and Advanced Training. Training opportunities are 

            available at the extension center and other venues.

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