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Steering Committee Minutes

Minute                                                                             Date:  May 12, 2017



Call to order

  • Al Winkeler called to order the regular meeting of the Master Gardeners Steering Committee at 9:00AM on May 12, 2017.



  • In attendance: Al Winkeler, Joe Walker, Mary Carey, Laura Steimel, Rich Hoormann, MU Extension Specialist, and Marsha Brown. Absent from meeting Craig Morton.           


Secretary’s Report

  • All members having read the minutes of the April 14, 2017 meeting, it was moved by Mary Carey and seconded by Joe Walker that the minutes be approved as submitted.  Vote was unanimous in favor to approve. 

Treasury Report 

  • Current bank account balance (see treasurer for amount).  Treasurer Joe Walker noted that not all plants sales are reflecting in balance yet.  Motion by Mary Carey and seconded by Laura Steimel that the Treasurer's Report be accepted as presented.  Vote was unanimous in favor to approve.                                                          

MU Extension Specialist- Rich Hoormann

  • Mr.  Hoormann informed the Committee that the foundation was approving extending gravel parking lot pending additional information which he now has. The work might be done after flood area repair because of large trucks coming on property. Will be done when area is dry. We will need a crew of Master Gardeners to assist in preparing area for gravel. More to come on this.

  • Mr. Hoormann was working on composting bins with Del Moeller to improve the station.

  • Mr. Hoormann reported that they would be working on putting water supply like the pantry garden beds for the herb beds. Also will be redoing brick beds in the future in the herb garden.  Interested in helping contact Rich.

  • Mr. Hoormann also put together a training book for Hortline for volunteers to refer to and to use for training. He did a great job.

  • He also stated that they still have plans to clear more growth out on road way on left side leaving the parking lot.

  • Rich Hoormann and Craig Morton will be working later this year on retaining walls on road side.

Committee Reports

  • Speakers – Val Mertz. No report. Speakers are set for remainder of year.

  • Hortline- Patti Kolek.  Nothing new. We have seven volunteers for Month of May.

  • Membership-Waneta Parmenter.  Nothing new at this time.

  • Education- Mary Medina. Nothing new at this time.

  • Demonstrations Gardens- Mary Carey.  Will be getting supplies to do stone path from green house to lilies. Watch the Monday emails for work day if interested in helping.

  • Greenhouse –Evelyn Franks. Volunteers to clean up after plant sale. All pots and things need to be clean and put away.  Evelyn has stated she will be stepping down as greenhouse lead. Looking for replacement. Anyone interested let Al Winkeler know.

Old Business

  • St. Charles Farmers Market starting June. Pattie Kolek and Mary Medina will get with first month volunteers beforehand on what they will need.

  • We have set a program up for volunteers in garden. We have white board for all leads to sign in on and state what help they need.  Be sure to sign in. It was discussed we would put board over by clock for easier viewing instead of by shed. Note Mary Carey takes care of Cottage Garden, you can normally find her there on work days.

  • History Days at First Capital in St. Charles in June 13. Mary Medina is handling. If you volunteered please check with her.

  • Girl Scout Tour was cancelled due to rain and mud. Rescheduled for May 18, 2017.

  • Barnhart Church Group going to reschedule in June. Date and time will be posted when confirmed.

New Business

  • Craig Morton and Crew will be getting donated Pergola in May. Will not get until decision on where to put. More to come on this.

  • Amy Jo Stoehr requesting for people to mentor. Not sure of exactly what she requesting. Mary Carey was going to follow up on this.

  • Pantry Garden does not have food issue due to flood. Water did not go over beds.

  • Plant Sale Result totals were $15715.00. Thanks for everyone hard work, especially Mary Medina. She is going to step down from her position on Plant Sale next year.

  • Marsha Brown present to group on suggestions on restructuring plant sale for next year. She is going to research with Mary Medina, Evelyn Franks, and Donna Lindsey. Setting up committee(s) for plant sale. More to come on this and will presented to both steering committee and MG monthly meeting. Will be set up as part of our by-laws.

  • Discussion on Wacko MG Garden Competitions for meetings. Watch Monday morning emails for more.


  • Rich Hoormann presenting Soil Class for Master Gardeners on May 16, 2017. No sign up required.


  • A motion was made by Joe Walker and seconded by Laura Steimel to adjourn.  All approved.

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