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St Charles County Master Gardener


Monthly Meeting Minutes


Thursday, 24 September 2020


Call to Order:   Kevin Minard called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM


Attendance:  25


Speaker:  Rebekah Davis- “Wild Ones St Charles Area Chapter”



Secretary’s Report:  Rebekah Davis-  Due to technical difficulties, the August 2020 meeting minutes were unable to be distributed.  Look for these in an upcoming Monday newsletter

for review and approval at our October meeting.



Treasurer’s Report:  Joe Walker-  The financial report for end of August 2020 was provided.  Net monthly change and cash in bank was identified.  Total revenue and expense booked in 2020 so far was shown and compared with 2019.


County Engagement Specialist:  Alex Reichert-  No report



MU Horticulturalist:  Justin Keay-  Kevin Minard reported for Justin: Creek project update-

The creek project will begin the 1st or 2nd week of October and will take approximately 4 weeks.   During this 4 weeks, we should work to reduce the number of folks on property at a given time so as not to encumber the construction crew and property access.  Amendment bins will be moved as part of this process. The bins will be fully rebuilt and bin contents will be replaced in their respective bins. The construction crew will handle all of this work. Access to bin contents will likely be limited during the 4 weeks of construction.   More details to come on the specific start date.



Committee Reports-


Membership:  Waneta Parmenter and Bonnie Winkeler -        


Welcome MG transfer Cassie Gilliam from State of Kentucky.


Bob Lee was presented with new Emeritus Master Gardener status and award.  Master Gardeners with a continuous ten years of active service are eligible to become Emeritus. Congratulations Bob!


Kevin Minard presented new Master Gardeners  Karen Daugherty, Huy Doan,,and Scott J. Rowe with their badges.                                                        .  


Kevin mailed these Master Gardeners their Certificates as of 2-September.

                                    Jacob Liebel (awarded 27-February-2020),

                                    Rodney Taylor (awarded 27-February-2020),

                                    Bill Rhinesmith (awarded 28-September-2017),

                                    Dee Rhinesmith (awarded 28-September-2017).



Speakers Bureau:  Valerie Mertz -  No report



The Paul Hendricks Award:   Valerie Mertz -  Nominations are being taken for this award.  The annual award is given to a Master Gardener demonstrating exemplary leadership, service, and community education.  Send a paragraph recommendation of your nominee to Valerie Mertz at by October 30.


2019 Paul Hendricks award co-winner -  Del Moeller was awarded his plaque.



Education:  Valerie Mertz, Waneta Parmenter, Maureen Wamsley, Anne Schappe - 


Dig-In 2021: Planning is underway, Dig-In will be virtual. The theme is “Garden to Plate” with keynote speaker Lori Simmons from College of the Ozarks.


Demo Gardens:  Cindy Platzer -  Cindy reported that Demo gardens are needing team members.  Welcome Rachel Benson, new Lead of the Herb Garden (Rachel is looking for a Co-Lead) and Wesley Stevens, new Lead of the Flutterby Garden.  Cindy Platzer announced she will be taking over the Miniature Garden and that the Foundation Garden will be broken up into four different sections, let Cindy know if you are interested in any of those beds.


Donna Lindsey is taking signups to help dig and divide plants in the Propagation Area on Saturdays.


Several of the compost tumblers are being offered and donated.  Several free plants were being offered to take home under the Pergola as well.


Work in the Daylily walk is complete this year.



Hort Line:  Patti Kolek -  HL is still operating on a call in basis.



Greenhouse:   Laura Steimel, Nancy Torke-  looking for additional helpers.



Plant Sale:  Marsha Brown-  Marsha reported that native seeds have been ordered from Missouri Wildflower Nursery.  Alternatives to a seeding party is being discussed.  Rebecca Poon is the new coordinator of the veggies.



New Business:  Kevin Minard-  Kevin reported the MOMGA highlights of virtual meeting 11-Sep. 2020:

a) Plant Sale License approved through 2021.

b) Although required Active Hours for the year were dropped to zero, stressed the importance of reporting hours on the state MG website.  Trainees have all of 2021 to get their 30 hours.

c) There are 174 on-line MG trainees in the August 2020 class, which surpasses the previous high by 100.


 Alexandra McKenney, our new Communications Assistant at Extension, is starting a “Featured Master Gardener” to put on our social media pages.


White plastic rain barrels are available from MG Mark Krebs.  His contact information is shown on our member list.


Kevin mentioned that the state MG Hour reporting system will be shut down temporarily and may be down for several days as its migrating to a new server.



Old Business:   Jan Carron- Update- Nominating Committee for the 2021 Steering Committee.

Steering Committee Elections are in October.  Contact Jan or Kevin Minard if interested.


Joe Walker- Presented update on Audubon Certification.  Mitch Leachman will be evaluating the Extension site for certification through Audubon’s “Bring Conservation Home” Program.  A limited number of MGs will be allowed to accompany Mitch as he walks the grounds.


Mary Medina-  Monarchs at the Meadows, 19-September was a success!



Good of the Order:  Kevin Minard announced MG garlic for sale. Libby Wilson was selling them at the meeting. They are for planting in October.


The next meeting is scheduled for 22 October, location TBD.



Meeting was adjourned at 7:09 PM



Respectfully submitted,

                                   Rebekah Davis















AS APPROVED                 22-OCTOBER-2020

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