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Master Gardeners of Saint Charles County

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m. by President Dave Barylski. Present were Dave Barylski, Russ Reed, Scott Killpack, Mary Carey, Kevin Minard and Joe Walker


Joe Walker made a motion to approve February Steering Committee minutes. Seconded by Kevin Minard. Approved unanimously.


Joe Walker gave the financial report. Our checking account balance is (Contact the treasurer for this amount) at the end of March. This is on track with the projection of our expenditures.



Mary Carey reported that she is planning on meeting with some of the 4H Club leaders to offer hands on services of Master Gardeners. The hope is that parents of the 4H Club children will become interested in the services of Master Gardeners.



Joe Walker reported that 22 out of 92 Master Gardeners who received the survey by e-mail responded. This is lower than expected. Joe Walker suggested that the monthly quizzes have questions that can only be answered by taking a survey. Joe will take this under consideration.


It was suggested that the October General Membership meeting be a potpourri of several 15 minute talks done by other Master Gardeners.  A survey will be sent asking for feedback on what topics MGs want to see and if they will give a short presentation.


Mary Carey pointed out that most hosts for General Meetings are female. She requested that Dave encourage men to host some meetings in the future.


Dave Barylski has bought honey to present to speakers of our meetings. He has also bought Thank You cards and sent one to the speaker from Allen’s Tree Service.


Forty eight people attended the March General meeting. A record.


April General Meeting:

Scoot Killpack will give his monthly horticulture Q&A.

Aaron Fields from Hummert’s International will be the speaker. 

He will also speak to invited MGs in the greenhouse during Scott’s presentation.




Demo Gardens:

We need leads for the Propagation, Flutterby beds. Joe Walker suggested that the steering committee share names of members that they think will do a good job. The idea is that they be approached by four people (not all at the same time) which may encourage them to volunteer.


Pictures of extension and gardens:

The drives have not yet been purchased to hold pictures. Scott Killpack said they may have room on their server. Kevin Minard will collect pictures. He has not received any yet.


Scott Killpack reported that starting May 2 the Extension will be open on Fridays.


All St Charles County MGs received a proposed copy of the MOMGA bylaws. No action is required. This is be between the University and MOMGA.


As a fund raising idea it was suggested that items such as plants, gardening tools, etc. be donated and auctioned off at general membership meetings. Dave Barylski will explore this idea.


An oversight may have happened when an MG was awarded Advanced Master Gardener status and there is no record of the person working the Hort Line, a requirement. It was decided that a better process is needed to close the loop between Advanced Training contact and the approval of a new status.


Joe Walker made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Kevin Minard. Approved unanimously.



 Meeting adjourned at 10:50.


Respectfully submitted by Mary Carey.

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