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Master Gardener Level 1 Training

Facilitator Checklist

Arrive one hour prior to start of training

Set Up room

·        Turn on heat/air conditioning or adjust thermostats up or down, as applicable (there are 2 thermostats).

·        Set out tent cards and attendance sheet on table at entrance of room (which will be on the island in the kitchen).



·        Make decaf coffee, coffee pot is located under the island in the cabinet.

·        Make 2 pitchers of ice water—pitchers found in cabinet above sink on the right side—keep refreshing during class.

·        Set out bowls of assorted snacks (snacks will be in a large plastic container, which will be on the island in kitchen).

·        Set out hot/cold cups, coffee creamer, sugar, sugar substitutes, stirrers, they are found in the left side cabinet, left of the sink.

·        Make sure audio-visual equipment is set up and ready for instructor.

·        Check the demo garden work days so you can share dates/times with trainees

During class

·        Make sure trainee check themselves in on the attendance sheet found on clipboard.

·        Material for trainees who missed a previous class are kept in a white, three ring binders, marked: “Extra paperwork from previous classes”

·        Notify trainee of the demo garden workday schedule for the week

·        Assist instructor and trainees as needed

·        Take pictures of the classroom, trainees, hands on exercises, instructor. Please share with office staff.


After Class

·        Collect tent cards, attendance sheet and clip board and binder with paperwork in the box marked “Master Gardener Level 1”

·        Assist trainees to break down room; returning tables and chairs to the rack. (there will be a note on clipboard if table and chairs can be left up.)

·        Return thermostats to their standby state, follow instructions posted on wall by thermostats.

·        Clean up kitchen and refreshments.

·        Put all edible snack items in plastic large container, put container in hallway on file cabinet

·        Break down audio-visual equipment and put on cart and wheel into hallway.

·        Rinse out coffee makers and let air dry, upside down on island.

·        Empty trash in dumpster outside

·        Turn off lights, check bathrooms, and lock the door as you leave. (lock only the door lock not dead bolt )


If you have any problems or concerns, please call the office in the morning.

Updated 1/27/2018

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