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Master Gardeners of Saint Charles County

General Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:45 p.m. by President Dave Barylski.


In Joe Walker’s absence, Dave Barylski presented the budget of (Contact the treasurer for this amount) that was approved by the steering committee.


Scott Killpack presented Master Gardener Level 1 Certificates.


There will be a reunion of extension retirees on April 24. Scott asked that there be some MGs be there to give garden tours. Members should call Scott if they are available.


Another tour is scheduled on June 20th for Indiana Master Gardeners.


Val Mertz presented the Paul Hendricks award to Kevin Minard for his outstanding work for the gardens this year.


Thirty awards were given to members for recognition of the hours they worked this year.



Evelyn Franks reported that not much is happening at this time of year. The blower fan has stopped working. A new one has been purchased and needs to be installed. Evelyn talked about her ideas for a germination chamber. March 8 is to be seeding day in the greenhouse. Members will plant seeds and have the opportunity to take flats home to grow for the plant sale. About 520 hours were expended last year in preparing plants for sale.


Dig In:Micah Kornblum reported that the Dig In will be February 22. All worker spots are filled, Teachers have been chosen. We had 4 classes per session last year. We will have 3 classes per session this year. Registration at the extension is ready. Set up will be on Friday, February 21 noon to 2:00. Help is needed. Flyers for the Dig In are available are online.


We still need a marketing lead to take charge of getting our name and resources out in the public.


Kevin Minard reported on the 2014 Demo garden budget. It is 27% higher than last year.He reported that two new leads are needed. One in Plant Propagation and one in Turf Grass.


Dave Barylskireminded us that to remain a Master Gardener volunteer, activity must remain current with a minimum of 20 service hours, with a minimum of five hours of volunteer service, in any combination, in the demonstration gardens or greenhouse and six education hours per year after the first year. 2013 interns have until July 1 to complete their requirements of 30 hours in the demo gardens.


A donation was made to St Joachim and Ann food pantry in December 2013. This is the amount that was donated at the December general meeting.


Dave asked for feedback on the weekly email he sends out.


St Charles Parks and Recreation have asked for our help in guidance and set-up of historic gardens in Broemmelsiek Park.


We still need a lead for Speakers.


Scott Killpack thanked Judy Mikulus and Mary Carey for painting the bathrooms at the extension and Dave Barylski for building shelves in the storage room.


Scott also told us that this is the 100th anniversary of the Smith Leaver Act that established a system of cooperative extension services. The 99th year for the St Charles extension.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40


Submitted by Mary Carey


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