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  • Assist Trainees and Interns in understanding the workings of the Master Gardener program.

  • Provide guidance to any Master Gardener on how to be a better Master Gardener.



  • Any Master Gardener who has been certified as Active can be a mentor.

  • Any Trainee, Intern or Active Master Gardener can be a protégé.

  • You can volunteer by contacting the committee lead and advising them you would like to be part of the program.



  • Communication between the mentor and protégé is confidential unless there is mutual agreement to discuss with a third party.

  • Weekly contact between the mentor and protégé to discuss any questions about the Master Gardener program or gardening questions.

  • Successful mentoring means sharing the responsibility for learning.

  • Both parties should discuss and agree on their expectations.

  • Master Gardener Trainees are required to be mentored while in Level 1 training.

  • Master Gardener Trainees will be asked to complete a confidential evaluation of the process to determine how it can be improved.


Mentor Responsibilities

  • Promote learning

  • Provide guidance on how to find answers to procedural questions

  • Provide assistance on where to find answers to gardening questions


Protégé Responsibilities
• Be willing to learn.

• Raise questions about how the Master Gardener program works.

• Desire to improve gardening skills.


Mentor Benefits
• Motivation

• Challenge

• New insights and perspectives

•   Opportunity for self-development

• Increase self-esteem and enjoyment

•   Opportunity to positively influence the next generation of Master Gardeners

• Increase peer recognition

• Opportunity to improve communication


Protégé Benefits
•   A nonthreatening learning environment

• Improve self-confidence

•   Develop gardening expertise & technical knowledge

•  Set Goals

• Acquire support and reassurance

•   Develop networking/partnership opportunities

•   Encouragement

• Attention and reassurance


Currently no members


Adopted February, 2010

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