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Public Education Instructor Checklist


For Using Extension Center Rooms

Please use this checklist to help make arrangements for your class go smoothly.

Prior to your class:

 Call Extension (636-970-3000) to reserve room and audio-visual equipment (if needed).

 Contact assigned class facilitator to discuss how he/she may help: setting-up/breaking-down the room, handouts, etc. If a facilitator is not assigned to your class and are you unable to move tables, call the extension three days prior to consider options.

 Check enrollment three days prior to class.

 If you need Extension staff to copy handouts, allow three days.

 If your room usage is after office hours, 1) pick up a key 1-2 days prior to your class or 2) make key arrangements with Scott three days prior.

 If you reserved audio-visual equipment and need help setting it up or training to operate it, make arrangements with Scott three days prior.

Day of your class:

 If you are using audio-visual equipment, call Extension staff the day of your class to request it be put in the room.

 Setup the room -- You may need to turn on heating/air conditioning or adjust thermostats up or down, as applicable.

 Your class roster, evaluation forms, door signs, extra class schedules and MG brochures will be in a pocket folder on a table in the room; the roster will designate whether or not payment is needed from a registrant. Check those who are in attendance.

 Ask participants to complete an evaluation before leaving your class.

 Leave the roster, evaluations and registration fees, if collected, in the pocket folder. Attendance and comments will be summarized from them.

 Breakdown the room; returning tables and chairs as you found them (unless you’ve made other arrangements with Scott.)

 Return thermostats to their standby state before locking the room -- follow instructions posted on wall by thermostats.

 Lock the room when you leave -- if you have a key, leave it with the roster and evaluations in the pocket folder.

After your class:

 If you did not leave registration fees in the pocket folder at the end of your class, return fees collected to the Extension Center at your earliest convenience.

 Give committee lead your feedback about what works and what needs improvement



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