Below is a list of the most common Activities & Projects used


Volunteer Activity                           Project                                          Local Category or Project
Volunteer Hours worked in the    Community, School, Church –             Demonstration Gardens – St Charles

Demonstration Gardens at the     Landscapes/Gardens/Beautification        Ext Ctr

Extension Center

Volunteer Hours worked at          Community, School, Church –              Make a selection from the list       

other local gardens                    Landscapes/Gardens/Beautification

Attended monthly Master            Master Gardener Meetings                  None

Gardener meetings

Plant Sale:
All volunteer activity prior           Community, School, Church –              Demonstration Gardens – St Charles 

to Plant sale to prepare the         Landscapes/Gardens/Beautification       Ext Ctr

plants (ex: Watering, potting,

washing pots, etc)

Plant Sale: ONLY USE this

Project for:                               Fundraising Activities (i.e. Plant Sales)     None
1. Day before (set-up)
2. Day of the Plant Sale

Hortline                                    Horticulture Answer Service                  None
Education                                 Continuing Education (This is                  None               
                                              toward the 6 hour annual


Teaching                                  Teaching (including your                       None
                                               preparation time)
                                                /Workshops/Short Courses


Help Design Church Garden        General Public Assistance/Consultation     None


President Joe Walker

Vice - President   Laura Steimel

Treasurer Rebecca Poon

Secretary  Rebekah Davis    

Demonstration Garden Co-Leads

Marsha Brown - Cindy Platzer

Constant Contact (group e-mail)...moday68@aol.com

Mary Carey  Web master