Below is a list of the most common Activities & Projects used


Volunteer Activity                           Project                                          Local Category or Project
Volunteer Hours worked in the    Community, School, Church –             Demonstration Gardens – St Charles

Demonstration Gardens at the     Landscapes/Gardens/Beautification        Ext Ctr

Extension Center

Volunteer Hours worked at          Community, School, Church –              Make a selection from the list       

other local gardens                    Landscapes/Gardens/Beautification

Attended monthly Master            Master Gardener Meetings                  None

Gardener meetings

Plant Sale:
All volunteer activity prior           Community, School, Church –              Demonstration Gardens – St Charles 

to Plant sale to prepare the         Landscapes/Gardens/Beautification       Ext Ctr

plants (ex: Watering, potting,

washing pots, etc)

Plant Sale: ONLY USE this

Project for:                               Fundraising Activities (i.e. Plant Sales)     None
1. Day before (set-up)
2. Day of the Plant Sale

Hortline                                    Horticulture Answer Service                  None
Education                                 Continuing Education (This is                  None               
                                              toward the 6 hour annual


Teaching                                  Teaching (including your                       None
                                               preparation time)
                                                /Workshops/Short Courses


Help Design Church Garden        General Public Assistance/Consultation     None


President                                Joe Walker

Vice - President                     Laura Steimel

Treasurer                               Rebecca Poon

Secretary                                Rebekah Davis    

Demonstration Garden       Cindy Platzer

Education                               Jan Carron

Hortline                                  Patti Kolek

Membership                          Waneta Parmenter

Weekly Constant Contact    Mary Medina

Web master                           Mary Carey