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Website Maintenance



The Master Gardener web site contains information for the general public and for the administration of the Master Gardener organization. Changes to the web site will be made as needed to keep it current and up to date.


Existing committee documents on the website are the responsibility of the respective committee lead to keep current. All source documents on a commercial (WIX) server.


New committees leads must provide procedures for addition to the web site once the committee has determined how they will operate.


Document Revisions

Committee leads can contact the webmaster to revise their respective source document(s).


Source document file names should not be changed in order to minimize the maintenance of the links on the webpage.


When the source document has been revised, it should be sent to the webmaster for posting to the web site. If the revision is time sensitive, advise the webmaster of the date the document is to be posted to the web site.


Adopted February 2010

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