Demonstration Gardens

Pantry Gardens

Lead: Del

Pantry  The twelve raised vegetable beds are some of the first raised beds created in the demonstration garden.  The design with end trellises add support for climbing plants while creating steady posts for fencing out visiting pests.

A conscious effort has been made to rebuild the soils and move from synthetic additives to locally produced compost.

 In order to enhance micro and macropores in the soil, which allows air and water infiltration, we have abandoned garden tillage by using cover crops with fibrous roots systems and superficial addition of compost (sheet composting).

In addition, we have transitioned from soaker hoses to using a compensated drip irrigation system to limit excessive watering.

Cover crops have been used in several beds each Fall to encourage microbes and earth worms, discourage soil compaction, and add soil organic matter prior to Spring planting.  Most vegetable beds contain companion plants that encourage beneficial insects or repel problem insects. 

All produce is harvested and donated to a local food bank


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